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Hi Blog Pals!

Happy St. Patrick's Day (yesterday!).  I don't know about you, but I LOVE this holiday! Aside from Valentine's Day where you are supposed to wear red or pink (with lots of hearts!), this is the only other holiday that I can think of where you can wear lots of one color! I wish there was a holiday where you had to wear TONS of purple! Maybe I should make up my own holiday?! If you could think of your own holiday what would it be?

Anyway, Mom really gets into St. Patrick's Day and decorates the entire kitchen with sparkly green shamrocks and shiny golden nuggets. This year she even put tiny Leprechaun footprints in the hallway and around the living room. Sydney and Chase got a huge kick out of it. They were so excited that a real Leprechaun had come to our house and left chocolate candy surprises! I have to admit, even I was impressed!

For dinner, we had corn beef, cabbage, and carrots! It was a real St. Patrick's Day dinner! Mom even let me put a drop of green food coloring in my milk. Everyone thought that was gross, but I thought it tasted fine! :)

What did you all do for St. Patrick's Day?! 

That's me In A Nat Shell,


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Happy Halloween!

This year was the best Halloween yet! Maggie, Kailyn and I all dressed up as our favorite candy.  Mom made me a big red M&M costume out of felt. It was so cute! Kailyn was a Butterfinger and Maggie was a York Peppermint Patty. She says if you think about it, it's a genius idea: combining chocolate and mint so afterwards your breath doesn't stink. Ha!

Every house we went to, we got so many compliments! And, as we had hoped, anytime someone had matching candy, they gave us extra! 


I think that's the "trick" to this holiday: anything you can do to get extra treats --- Mmm candy! 

How was YOUR Halloween?! Any scary stories??

That's me In A Nat Shell,

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I don't know how many of you have gone to craft fairs before but I went to my first one today with Mom and it was FABTASTIC!  There were so many booths with different colored tents lined up along the street with so many exciting and fun crafts! One guy was super creative and talented -- he made really cool ornaments for hanging outside from old scraps of metal and wood! Mom got a flower-shaped one for Grandma B. I think it reminds me of a Daffodil, Grandma's (and mine!) favorite flower.

I wanted to a buy a silver mood ring at another booth but it cost more than a year's allowance! So instead, I splurged on some crazy-shaped purple/pink necklaces. They are all tied together but have different lengths, so it looks super neat when you wear them all at once.

Hope you get to go to a craft fair soon!

That's me In A Nat Shell,

<![CDATA[Hello BLOG World!]]>Fri, 10 Oct 2014 23:29:19 GMThttp://katie-sparks.com/in-a-nat-shell/hello-blog-worldLogged on In A Nat Shell at 7:44 PM:

Hello online blog friends!

Welcome to my blog!!  The one-and-only-IN A NAT SHELL! I'm your host this evening, so please direct any questions or comments my way.  

Two things happened today that I had to share:

1) Kailyn got the part she wanted in the school play! Go Kailyn! *Dance party!!*  She's going to be the Wicked Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Make sure you don't accept any red apples from her! (Just kidding!)

2) For our communications and media unit, Mrs. Wayne said we are going to make two newspaper issues for our class and guess who gets to be the class Editor-In-Chief?! ME!!! This means I get to help write, edit and collect all articles to put together in each issue. I'm so excited, I could burst stars, confetti, and candy!

That's me In A Nat Shell,